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Baadhi ya wanachama wa CCM wakishangilia katika uzinduzi wa kampeni za Chama hicho zilizofanyika katika uwanja wa Polisi Himo.
Mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo kupitia tiketi ya Chama cha Mapinduzi, CCM ,Innocent Shirima akisalimiana na wananchi mara baada ya kuwasili katika viwanja hivyo.
Kada wa Chama cha Mapinduzi ,Job Lusinde akisalimiana na kada mwenzake ,Novatus Makunga ambaye pia ni Mkuu wa wilaya ya Moshi.
Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha Mapinduzi mkoa wa Kilimanjaro,Juma Idd akizungumza katka mkutano huo.
Kada wa Chama cha Mapinduzi,Lusinde akizunumza katika mkutano huo.
Kada wa Chama cha Mapinduzi na mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Simanjiro,Christopher Ole Sendeka akihutubia katika uzunduzi wa kampeni za Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo.
Mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo,Innocent Shirima akikimbia mara baada ya kuitwa Jukwaani.
Mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo,Innocent Shirima akipokea kifimbo kutoka kwa wazee wa Mila ,mbele ya kada wa Chama cha Mapinduzi,Christopher Ole Sendeka.
Kada wa Chama cha Mapinduzi,Christopher Ole Sendeka akimtamburisha mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo,Innocent Shirima mbele ya wananchi waliohudhuria uzinduzi wa kampeni hizo.
Mgombea Ubunge katika jimbo la Vunjo,Innocent Shirima akizungumza wakati wa uzunduzi wa kampeni katika jimbo la Vunjo.
Baadhi ya wananchi waliohudhuria uzunduzi wa mkutano huo.

Na Dixon Busagaga wa Globu ya Jamii Kanda ya Kaskazini.

Bi. Samia Suluhu Ahaidi Neema kwa Wakazi wa Musoma Mkutano wa Kampeni...!

Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan akizungumza katika mkutano wa hadhara uliofanyika kwenye Uwanja wa Mwasenge, Jimbo la Musoma Mjini. Katika hotuba yake aliwaomba wanaMusoma kuichagua CCM ili iweze kuunda Serikali kwani imepanga kuboresha huduma mbalimbali za kijamii pamoja na ujenzi wa miundombinu eneo hilo itakayochangia kukua kwa biashara anuai.
 Alisema Serikali itakayoundwa na CCM imepanga kujenga maeneo ya kisasa ya maegesho ya meli (magati) Musoma na ndani ya miezi mitatu huduma ya maji maeneo mbalimbali itapatikana kwa uhakika kutokana na kukamilika kwa mradi wa maji eneo hilo. Aliongeza pia ili kuboresha huduma za Mwisenge zahanati ya eneo hilo itabadilishwa mara moja na kuwa kituo cha afya.
Kulia ni baadhi ya wasanii maharufu wa uigizaji wakishangilia wakati Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipokuwa akiwasili katika viwanja vya Mwisenge.

Baadhi ya wanaCCM na wananchi wa Sirari wakifikisha ujumbe wao kwa Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipohutubia wananchi katika viwanja vya Tarafa Sirari.

Sehemu ya wanaCCM na wananchi wakimshangilia  Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipokuwa akiwahutubia Mwisenge, Musoma Mjini.

Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan akizungumza jambo na Mwenyekiti wa CCM Wilaya ya Tarime, Rashid Bugomba alipowasili Sirari kwa mkutano wa kampeni kuinadi CCM eneo hilo..

Wananchi wakimsikiliza mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipokuwa akihutubia wananchi Kata ya Sirari
Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan (katikati) akiwatambulisha baadhi ya wagombea ubunge wa Wilaya ya Tarime kwenye Mkutano wa kampeni uliofanyika Kata ya Sirari.

Ni mwendo wa 'PUSH UP' baadhi ya wananchi wakipiga 'Push Up' kwenye mkutano wa mgombea mwenza Sirari kuonesha kuwa wapo 'fit'.
Sehemu ya wanaCCM na wananchi wakimshangilia  Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipokuwa akiwahutubia Mwisenge, Musoma Mjini.
Sehemu ya wanaCCM na wananchi wakimshangilia  Mgombea mwenza wa Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), Bi. Samia Suluhu Hassan alipokuwa akiwahutubia Mwisenge, Musoma Mjini.
Wananchi wakisikiliza hotuba ya baadhi ya viongozi wa CCM Wilaya ya Musoma.

Baadhi ya wasanii wa Bongo Movie wakiwa katika mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni wa mgombea mwenza wa CCM Viwanja vya Mwisenge.

Baadhi ya wasanii wa Bongo Movie wakiwa katika mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni wa mgombea mwenza wa CCM Viwanja vya Mwisenge.

Aliyekuwa mbunge wa CCM, Jimbo la Nkenge, Asumpta Mshama akizungumza na wananchi katika viwanja vya Mwisenge.

Baadhi ya wasanii wa Bongo Movie na wananchi wakiwa katika mkutano wa hadhara wa kampeni wa mgombea mwenza wa CCM Viwanja vya Mwisenge.

*Imeandaliwa na


UNFPA's Executive Director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin.
UNFPA's Executive Director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin.
Population ageing and urbanization are major global issues of the 21st century. While cities are growing, their share of residents aged 60 years and over is also rising. Rapid urbanization is challenging both national and local governments in developing inclusive and integrated cities.
Today, as we observe the International Day of Older Persons, we must ensure that cities respond to the needs of persons of all ages and that older persons are as much a part of urban life as their younger counterparts.
This year’s theme of Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment fits in perfectly with the objectives of the recently adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: leave no one behind! Together, we must ensure that older persons are fully integrated in cities’ economic, social, political and cultural life.
What can we do to make our cities more inclusive? We can start by ensuring that both younger and older generations are included in the urban planning process and their issues, needs and concerns are equally taken into account.
We need an approach to urban planning that focuses on well-being throughout the life cycle. We should invest in young people today by promoting healthy habits, ensuring education and jobs, and providing access to health services and social security coverage for all workers. This is the best investment to improve the lives of young people, help stem the increasing tide of out-migration, and improve the lives of future generations of older persons.
At the same time, we must provide affordable and accessible health-care services, lifelong learning and retraining opportunities, and flexible employment for older persons to improve their well-being and facilitate their integration into the fabric of communities.
Strengthening human capital by ensuring empowerment, education and employment of all citizens will yield a high return on investment and will help countries reap a demographic dividend that can lift millions out of poverty. Creating hope and opportunity for young people to develop their full potential can drive progress in the years to come and, ultimately, result in a second demographic dividend of healthier, wealthier and more productive older persons.
Today, we call on policymakers and urban planners to work together to ensure an inclusive urban environment for all ages. This means paying particular attention to the important pillars of urban living, such as housing, transportation, basic social services, and health care, to make them age-friendly. It means creating an ageless society, characterized by an urban physical environment that facilitates personal mobility, safety and security. It means creating an urban social environment that encourages respect, social inclusion, and participation. And it means protecting natural resources, preparing for natural disasters, and reducing risk so that current and future generations look forward to a sustainable future.
Today, we call on urban leaders to ensure the protection of the human rights of all urban residents, including the elderly who are more vulnerable, and to enforce zero tolerance of discrimination, neglect, violence and abuse of older persons.
Ensuring sustainability and age inclusiveness in the urban environment means creating a society for all ages where the voices of all generations are heard and where the needs of both young and old are met. It means empowering young and old to fully participate in the economic, social and political life of their communities. It means gathering data on city residents and their needs and working to ensure that they are adequately met. It also means sharing experiences about what makes a city a great place to live in for both young and old.
Age-friendly cities are not just elderly-friendly. They are better for everyone.


Mr. Phillips Oduoza, GMD-CEO, UBA Plc
Group Managing Director and CEO, UBA Plc, Mr. Phillips Oduoza.
Group Managing Director and CEO, UBA Plc, Mr. Phillips Oduoza has emerged the 2015 Ai Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) 30 CEO of the year at this year's 8th annual Ai CEO Investment Summit. This is the second time he is winning the award after winning it first in 2013.
He was named the winner from a long shortlist that included Nassef Sawiris, CEO, Orascom Construction Company, Sifiso Dabengwa, CEO, MTN Group, SA, Guillaume Roux, CEO, Lafarge Africa, Segun Agbaje, CEO, GT Bank, Graham Clark, GMD, Dangote Sugar and Ben Kruger/Sim Tshabalala, Co-CEOs, Standard Bank. The event took place in New York at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.
Africa investor (Ai), is a leading international investment and communications group based in South Africa. Every year it organises the institutional investment summit as a platform for public and private sector leaders in Africa to dialogue with global counterparts on ways to invest and grow businesses in Africa. As an integral part of the summit, Ai also hosts the investment and business leadership awards to reward exceptional business practices, economic achievements and investments across Africa, whilst recognising the institutions and individuals improving the continent’s investment climate.
At the summit and awards ceremony attended by over 250 of Africa’s most prominent and influential business, government and development finance leaders, as well as five African Heads of State, the UBA CEO won the Ai SRI CEO of the Year award in recognition of his exceptional achievements over the last year which according to the summit organisers, is an “inspiration for business and government leaders working to raise Africa’s investment profile”.
The judging panel considered excellent leadership skills, enhanced organisational image, innovation and originality as well as alignment with the millennium development goals (MDGs) in choosing the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) 30 CEO of the year. Speaking on the award, Oduoza who has twice been recipient(the first time in 2013), said: 'as Africa’s global bank, The United Bank for Africa, UBA, has operations in 19 African countries and 3 global financial centres - New York, London and Paris, serving over 9 million customers. This award validates our efforts over the years in building a solid pan-African banking business that is profitable, sustainable and socially responsible. I dedicate it to all UBA people: customers, staff and other stakeholders in Africa and across the globe".
Other recognitions at the ceremony include: Venture Capital/Private Equity Award won by the Abraaj Group, whilst Institutional Investor of the Year and Investment Promotion Agency of the Year went to Public Investment Corporation of South Africa (PIC) and Centre de Promotion des Investissementsen Côte d'Ivoire (CEPICI) respectively. The Leadership in Sustainable Investment in Africa Award went to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Uganda Pres + GM USA
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni with General Manager USA.


UD ONEMwanahabari na blogger wa mtandao wa, Andrew Chale akiwa katika geti kuu la kuingilia katika ofisi za Hifadhi ya Taifa ya Udzungwa zilizopo eneo la Mang'ula, Wilaya ya Kilombero, Mkoani Morogoro, Tanzania. Alipokuwa katika habari za Utafiti jinsi ya Mabadiliko ya Tabianchi yanavyoathiri mbuga na hifadhi za Taifa nchini (How Climate Change Effect The National Parks in Tanznia) hivi karibuni (Picha na modewjiblog).


Na Andrew Chale, modewjiblog
[TANZANIA] Zimebaki siku zaidi ya 60, kuelekea mkutano mkuu wa 21 (COP21) wa nchi wanachama wa Mkataba wa Mabadiliko ya Nchi (UNFCCC) unaotarajiwa kufanyika Paris, Ufaransa. mwanzoni mwa mwezi Desemba mwaka huu.
Dulu na chunguzi za kitafiti zinaeleza kuwa, Tanzania ni miongoni mwa Mataifa Barani Afrika yatakayokumbwa na janga kubwa dhidi ya Mabadiliko ya tabianchi (Climate Change in Tanzania National Parks) kwenye Hifadhi na mbuga zake.
Dulu hizo za kitafiti pia zinabainisha kuwa, asilimia kadhaa za Wanyama nao watatoweka kabisa hali ambayo taifa litakumbwa na matatizo mbalimbali ikiwemo kushuka kwa uchumi wa Nchi katika siku za usoni.
Hivi karibuni, mwandishi wa Makala haya wa modewjiblog, alipata kutembelea Hifadhi kadhaa za taifa zilizo chini ya usimamizi wa Shirika la Hifadhi la Taifa, Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA). Hifadhi hizo zikiwepo Udzungwa, Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi, Ruha, na Saadan pamoja na kuonana na wataalamu wa mabadiliko ya tabianchi kwenye idara za serikali na watu binafsi.
Eneo la kuingia katika Hifadhi na makao makuu ya hifadhi ya Udzungwa...

Hifadhi ya Taifa ya Udzungwa:

Kwa mujibu wa tovuti ya Serikali inabainisha kuwa Udzungwa ni miongoni mwa milima yenye Bionuwai nyingi iliyozungukwa na misitu.
Hata hivyo vyanzo mbalimbali vinabainisha kuwa, Hifadhi hii ya Udzungwa ni miongoni mwa Hifaadhi zilizo kwenye hatari ya kutoweka kutokana na mipango hafifu ya kukabiliana na mabadiliko ya tabianchi.
Vyanzo vya ndani vinaeleza kuwa, ili kukabiliana na hali ya mabadiliko ya tabianchi yasiathiri Hifadhi hizo, juhudi za haraka zinahitajika kuchukuliwa ikiwemo wasimamizi na wananchi wanaozunguka hifadhi kupewa elimu ya kutosha pamoja na mipango kazi ya mara kwa mara.
Bwana Ruombano Mnege (56) mkazi wa kijiji cha Msolwa katika eneo jirani na hifadhi ya Udzungwa anaeleza kuwa, afahamu maana ya mabadiliko ya tabianchi, ila anachoelewa ni kuwa mambo yanabadilika pindi Mungu anapoamua.
"Mimi natambua Mungu anapoamua ndio mambo yanatokea. Suala la mabadiliko ya tabianchi kwa sie wa huku hasa wakulima hatutambui sana kwa sababu hatuna elimu ya kutosha” alibainisha Mnege akijibu maswali endapo wasimamizi wa hifadhi hizo kama wanawashirikisha wananchi katika kukabiliana na mabadiliko ya tabianchi.
Hata hivyo, wakazi wengi wa maeneo ya jirani na hifadhi wanabainisha kuwa, hawana elimu ya kutosha katika kukabiliana na mabadiliko ya tabianchi, hali inayowapa hofu kukumbwa na janga hilo la ukame siku za usoni.
Ambapo walibainisha kuwa, wapo watu wasio waaminifu wakiingia katika hifadhi hizo na kukata miti pamoja na kuharibu vyanzo vya maji, kuchoma moto misitu pamoja na kuwinda wanyama.
"Kulikuwa na wanyama wakifika hadi kwenye mashamba yetu miaka ya nyuma. Lakini kwa sasa wanyama wale hawafiki kabisa kutokana na hali ilivyo huenda wamepotea” anaeleza Bi. Jonesia Simon mkazi wa Sanje ambapo anasema kutoonekana kwa wanyama hao kwa hivi sasa kumechangiwa na mabadiliko ya tabianchi kwani kulikuwa na wanyama waliokuwa wakifuata maji na wengine walikuwa wakifuata vyakula kwenye mashamba hayo lakini kwa sasa wametoweka kabisa.
SanjeMwandishi wa makala haya, Andrew Chale wa akiwa katika eneo la Sanje wakati wa kupanda mlima Udzungwa kuelekea kwenye maporoko ya Udzungwa (Picha na modewjiblog team).
ramani inayoonyesha hifadhi hiyo ya Udzungwa..
Milima ya udzungwa ni jina la hifadhi inayopatikana hifadhi hiyo ndani ya Wilaya ya Kilombero, Mkoani Morogoro pamoja na upande wa Iringa. Milima hii ni makazi ya wanyama pori wa aina mbalimbali huku ikiwa na ukubwa wa kilometa 1990.
Udzungwa ni miongoni mwa hifadhi zenye hazina ya aina nyingi za mimea, ndege na wanyama ambao hawapatikani katika sehemu nyingine duniani.
Hifadhi iko umbali wa kilometa 350 kusini mwa Dar es Salaam, kilometa 65 kutoka katika Hifadhi ya Mikumi ambayo ni ya jirani kabisa.
Kati ya aina sita za jamii ya nyani wanaopatikana katika hifadhi hii, mbili hupatikana katika hifadhi hii pekee ambao ni : Mbega Mwekundu, wa Iringa (Iringa red colobus monkey) na aina ya pili ni Sanje Crested mangabey.
Huku kukiwa na aina mbalimbali za ndege na aina nne za ndege ambao hazikufahamika hadi katika miaka ya karibuni. Ndege ni Chozi bawa jekundu (rufous-winged sunbrid) na wengine wengi akiwemo kwale Udzungwa.
Hifadhi hii pia ni moja ya makazi makuu na muhimu ya ndege pori barani Afrika.
DSC_2486Picha ya juu Maporoko hayo na chini ni Mwandishi wa makala haya wa, Andrew Chale akiwa kwenye maporomoko hayo ya Udzungwa wakati alipotembelea kuandika habari za Mabadiliko ya Tabianchi namna yanavyoweza kuathiri Hifadhi za Taifa nchini. (Picha na modewjiblog team).
DSC_2461Mwandishi wa makala haya wa, Andrew Chale akiwa katika eneo la awali na mapumziko baada ya safari ndefu ya kupanda mlima huo katika kuelekea kwenye maporomoko hayo ya Udzungwa (Picha na modewjiblog team).

Maporomoko ya Sanje:

Ndani ya hifadhi hii pia ina Mto Sanje ambao ni kivutio kikubwa sana. Mto huu una maporomoko ya maji yenye urefu wa mita zipatazo 170 yakianguka kupitia msituni na kututa mithili ya mianzo ya ukungu bondeni.
Hata hivyo, mbali na kuwa na vitu vyote hivyo ndani ya hifadhi hii ya Udzungwa, Serikali na jamii inayozunguka hiafdhi hii inawajibu mpana wa kukabiriana na mabadiliko ya tabianchi kwani wasipochukua hatua vitu hivyo vinaweza kutoweka na nchi ikaja kukosa mapato kwani Utalii ni miongoni mwa sekta inayoiingizia Tanzania fedha nyingi za kimaendeleo.

Wanyama kutoweka:

Tovuti ya Serikali ya Makamu wa Rais (, imebainisha kuwa: Inakadiriwa kwamba asilimia 34 ya ardhi ya Bara la Afrika iko katika hatari ya kugeuka jangwa kutokana na mabadiliko ya TabiaNchi.
Na kuongeza kuwa: Hali hii ya mabadiliko ya TabiaNchi itachangia kutoweka kwa asilimia kati ya 25 hadi 40 ya aina fulani za wanyama katika hifadhi Barani Afrika ifikapo mwaka 2020 na kwamba maeneo kame yataongezeka kwa asilimia 5 hadi 8 Barani Afrika ifikapo mwaka 2080.

Msemaji wa TANAPA:

Hata hivyo suala la mabadiliko ya tabianchi katika hifadhi za Taifa nchini bado halijapewa kipaumbele kikubwa hasa kwa wadau wa mabadiliko ya tabianchi ikiwemo wanahabari, wanaharakati wa mazingira na wananchi wanaoishi jirani na hifadhi. Hii inatokana na hata wakati mwingine kukosa ushirikiano wa karibu kutoka kwa mamlaka husika ikiwemo makao makuu ya ofisi za TANAPA ambao ndio wenye jukumu la kutoa taarifa za kina kitaalamu.
Mwandishi wa makala haya akiwa katika view point ya maporomoko hayo..
DSC_2421Taswira ya eneo la maporomoko ya Udzungwa inavyoonekana unapokuwa katika eneo la awali la View Point ndani ya Hifadhi hiyo ya Udzungwa. Katika taswira hiyo panaonekana kama ramani ya Afrika. (Picha na Andrew Chale,modewjiblog).
eneo la maji yanayotoka kwenye maporomoko hayo ambapo kwa kipindi hiki yanapoonekana yakiwa yamepungua kutokana na kipindi maalum. Hata hivyo maji hayo kuna msimu yanajaa zaidi ..
Miongoni mwa aina za ndege wanaopatikana ndani ya hifadhi hizo za Udzungwa ambapo inaelezwa kuwa Hifadhi hiyo imekuwa ikitembelewa na ndege mbalimbali kutoka maeneo mengi ya nchi za Afrika.
Miongoni mwa miti inayopatikana ndani ya misitu hiyo ya Hifadhi ya Udzungwa..
Miongoni mwa miti inayopatikana ndani ya Hifadhi hiyo ambayo hata hivyo bado inakabiriwa na changamoto kwa watu wasio na mapenzi mema kuvamia na kukata miti hiyo ya hifadhi kwa ajili ya shughuli za mbao na mambo mengine.
Miongoni mwa miti ambayo inapatikana ndani ya hifadhi hiyo ambayo ni dawa na pia ni miongoni mwa miti inayopendwa na wanyama hata hivyo ipo katika changamoto ya kutoweka...
Red Col wanaopatikana ndani ya Misiti hiyo ya Hifadhi ya Udzungwa..
Mwandishi wa makala haya wa modewjiblo, Andrew Chale akiwa katikati ya Hifadhi hiyo wakati wa kuyatafuta Maporomoko hayo. Ambapo ndani ya msitu huo wenye baridi muda wote kutokana na kuzungukwa na miti mbalimbali.
Misitu hiyo ya Udzungwa inavyoonekana..
Itaendelea ripoti sehemu ya Pili…
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